Features and types of cycling tops

Features of cycling Tops:

Features can improve the performance considerably, keeping in view the aspect cycling tops have number of features that make one comfortable and provide ease. Given below are some of these features:

cycling tops

  1. Well-designed pockets are useful and many winter tops come with three rear pockets.
  2. Full-length front zip is provided, with a good size puller that is used even with thick winter gloves on.
  3. Cuffs keep loose sleeves in order.
  4. Most cycling tops have a dropped tail, the rear section extending lower than the front. This is so that when you are riding, the jacket keeps you comfortable in bending position.
  5. Many tops feature some sort of ventilation. Full length front zip is universal feature, rather extra zipped ports on the chest and under the arms are also provided in some.

Types of cycling tops:

There are cycling tops designed to cater for all possibilities, and generally they can be classified into four types:

  • Water proof:

Waterproof tops keep the rain out but compromise on breath ability meaning you can get very hot and sweaty inside. Companies are now able to produce fabrics with pores that are big enough to let the small water droplets in the humid air discharge, but small enough to keep water droplets outside.

  • Wind proof:

Windproof top is a good option for riding when there is not rain. Windproof tops are commonly made from a fabric that’s lighter than a waterproof one and much more breathable.

  • Hard shells:

A hard shell provides the ultimate protection against prolonged rain but the compromise is that it does not cope up with sweaty condition. They are designed solely to keep the weather out, not keep you warm.

  • Soft shells:

In the last few years soft shells have risen in popularity among cyclists. They are softer and more flexible than hard shells so are more comfortable. A soft shell is water resistant instead of water proof.

Cycling tops are widely used as an important necessity for professional cyclists. They are getting more popular with each progressing day because of their remarkable features which not only give one comfort but a sense of style and easiness. In short they are the need of an hour for professional cyclists and any cycling event of international standard.

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